PaperCut Hive and Pocket outage
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Description of Problem

There was an outage of PaperCut Hive/Pocket for all customers in the US data center at 1:10 PM AEST 14th August 2023 due to a misconfigured SSL/TLS certificate. This meant that login, print, scan, copy were not available for the duration of the outage.

Service Restoration

The SSL/TLS certificate was re-instated at 1:40 PM AEST 14th August 2023 and all services were restored.

Incident Cause and Analysis

A misconfigured SSL/TLS certificate was applied to the load balancer during routine maintenance. Our automated monitoring system alerted us the issue and we responded immediately. Customers in our Australia data center were not affected.


Once all the services were restored, we reviewed our maintenance process and put checks/controls in place to prevent this from happening in the future.

PaperCut apologizes for this disruption.

Posted Aug 22, 2023 - 01:00 UTC

During a routine infrastructure update, a certificate was dropped from the load balancer. This impacted access to and and impacted printing and print release. Automated monitoring alerted us to the issue, and was resolved by re-applying the certificate to the load balancer.

The issue has now been completely resolved and the system is stable. Please get in touch with our support team at if you continue to experience any issues.
Posted Aug 14, 2023 - 03:40 UTC
This incident affected: PaperCut Pocket & PaperCut Hive.